Welcome to Daphne's Restaurant

Daphne's is a classic in every sense of the word located in Plaka and the preferred destination of visiting public figures from the international political scene and business world. Major tourist agencies throughout the world regularly recommend Daphne's as one of the top choices for Greek gourmet cuisine.

Daphne's has had truly select customers over the years and has been chosen to host meals for political leaders such as Bill and Hilary Clinton. The cuisine has a Mediterranean accent with a touch of creativity: classic starters as well as meat and fish dishes with a nouvelle touch resulting in a truly impressive gastronomical experience.


  • Gemista
    9.50 €

    Stuffed tomatoes & peppers with rice, raisins & pine nuts

  • Traditional green beans
    8.50 €
  • Artichokes ala polita
    9.50 €
  • Zucchini stuffed
    12.50 €

    with rice and minced meat in lemon-egg sauce

  • Mοussaka
    9.50 €

    the famous dish

  • Kebab Politiko
    14.50 €

    with greek pita, tomato, tzatziki and french fries

  • Lamb baked in ceramic pot
    17.50 €

    with potatoes, carrot, kefalotyri, feta cheese slowly cooked in a ceramic pot

  • Rabbit stifado
    18.50 €

    with small onions and tomato sauce

Wine List

Choose from our famous local wines combined with special Greek meze and Greek traditional cusine

  • Estate Tselepou
    23.00 €

    Moschofilero - Designation of Origin - Mantinia 750ml

  • Orino Spiropoulou
    25.00 €

    Moschofilero - Designation of Origin - Mandinia 750ml

  • Tselepou Estate
    30.00 €

    Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot - Regional wine of Arkadia 750ml

  • Mikros Vorias
    29.00 €

    Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot - Regional wine of Aigialias 750ml

  • Spyropoulos Meliasto
    25.00 €

    Moschofilero Biological culture - Designation of Origin Peloponnese 750ml

  • Samos Vin Doux
    27.00 €

    Moschato Samos - PDO Samos 750ml

The Restaurant

Daphne’s, conveniently situated in historic Plaka, and in close proximity to the Acropolis, is the meeting place of two worlds; Pompei, a Greek city of the remote antiquity, on one hand, and on the other, the typical Athenian courtyard, with more than one thousand years history, still evident all around it. In fact it is the exact spot where Lord Byron drew inspiration, during his stay at the adjacent Capuccine monastery.

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We await you and your friends at Daphne’s, confident that after your first visit you will become our loyal friends, and will recommend us to others without hesitation. Come for a taste of time, a taste of tradition...

Daphne's Restaurant
4 Lysikratous street, Athens, Greece

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4 Lysikratous Street
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